I come from humble beginnings.

My journey through life has made me more and more passionate about the written language. Before I was a programmer, I was a writer; a fiction writer who found it beautifully fascinating to trigger a voice in the the reader's mind.. the voice in which you're reading this.. through mere patterns.

And not just trigger it but also to a certain extent, control it. And ebb it and flow it. And emphasise it...

like this.

This is why I love good, clean experience too. Or what it's called UX or User Experience or HX in the programming world.
My undying love for making software and my passion for writing pulled me right in the equilibrium: to make the user's experience a delight when they use software.
Ofcourse, I'm not an expert but I try to be better at it since where I was yesterday. Which drives me and I'm happy.

Which is why, instead of having a huge 'About me' proclamation and writing a lot of tech jargon, I have made these 4 buttons for you.
You can press on them and choose whatever explanation works for you.